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Oscar Ruiz Navia


Crab Trap takes place in La Barra, a remote village in the Colombian Pacific, where Cerebro, leader of the native Afro-descendants, faces strong contradictions with El Paisa, a powerful landowner who is planning the construction of a hotel on the beach. Daniel, a strange and silent city dweller, arrives one afternoon and stays at the site for several days waiting for a clandestine boat that can take him out of the country. A girl (Lucia) and two teenagers (Miguel and Israel), in need of money, are the only ones who can help him, but getting a boat will take longer than planned. Cerebro is running out of patience, when one morning El Paisa installs two gigantic baffles on the beach and begins the construction of a barrier that will divide the territory. Daniel, trying to leave, will be trapped in this village crisis, the residents will try to resist from disappearing with the imminent arrival of progress.

Ficha técnica

Written and Directed by: Óscar Ruiz Navia

Produced by: Diana Bustamante, Guillaume de Seille, Óscar Ruiz Navia and Gerylee Polanco

Associated Producers: Wilson Gómez, Andrés Pineda, Gladys C. Navia, Gustavo Ruiz, Rémy Roy, Jaime E. Manrique and Julián Giraldo. 

Cinematoraphy: Sofía Oggioni Hatty and Andrés Pineda

Production Designer: Marcela Gómez Montoya

Sound Design: Miguel Vargas, Iabel Torres and Frédéric Thery

Editing: Felipe Guerrero

Format: 35 mm

Length: 92 minutes

World Premiere: Toronto Film Festival (Discovery) Canadá,  2009

A production between Diana Bustamante (COL), Contravía Films (COL), Arizona Films (FRA), in co-production with EFE-X Cine (COL) and M Films (COL) In association with Laboratorios Black Velvet (Colombia), RCN and ENNOVA (Colombia).