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Juan Andrés Arango


Tomás, a young African Colombian man who has fled the Pacific coast because of the war, is trying to make his way in Bogotá, a traditionally racist city. There, he will begin the desperate search for Jairo, his younger brother, who has disappeared in the middle of the streets and the bazuco.


Accompanied by Chaco, his older brother, who believes illegal migration is the only escape to marginality, Tomás will carry out an initiatory journey through an Afro Bogotá, discovering the network of spaces that the black population has been creating. In this changing city, Thomas will be forced to test his guts and to set aside everything, fear, nostalgia and the wounds of the past, and thus start again 2,600 meters high, where the sea is far away.


Ficha técnica

Genre: Drama

Language: Spanish

Length: 90 minutes.

Shooting Format: HD

Projection Format: 35 mm

Country: Colombia, France and Brazil.

Year: 2012

Written and Directed by:  Juan Andrés Arango.

Produced by: Diana Bustamante and Jorge Andrés Botero.

Coproduced by: Thierry Lenouvel, Vania Catani, Angélica Stain and Mauricio Ariztizábal, Cine SudPromotion, Bananeira Filmes, and Hangar Films in association with: RCN CINE, E-NNOVA and Laboratorio Black Velvet.

Cinematography: Nicoás Canniccioni

Production Designer: Angélica Perea

Art Direction: Juan David Bernal

Sound Mixing: Márcio Cámara and Isabel Torres.

Sound Design: Sonamos CL.

Final Mixing: Jean-Guy Verán.

Editing: Felipe Guerrero.

Director Assitant: Iván D. Gaona.

Music: Erick Bongcam, Jacobo Vélez, María Milata, Socavón Timbiqui, Diocelino Rodríguez, Flaco Flow&Melanina, Choquibtown and Jiggy Drama.