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Fernando Guzzoni


Jesus (18) is in search of his identity. He dances in a Korean group, draws animations and has a relationship of complicity and restraint with his friends. He lives with his father, Hector (53), who works away from home. Their relationship is not functional, there is a great distance between them. They live in an apartment where TV and silence make up for their inability to communicate.


Jesus is involved in a crime with three other friends. The police do not discover them, but the media begins to cover the news. Jesus, paranoid and guilty, decides to tell his father. Hector sends him to southern Chile, to a small town surrounded by nature where he intends to hide him temporarily. Keeping the secret starts to get complicated. One day he decides to go looking for him, but instead of taking him back home, he suddenly gives up on him with the police.


Ficha técnica

Directed and written by Fernando Guzzoni

Producers: Marianne Dumoulin, Jacques Bidou y Giancarlo Nasi

Co-producers: Diana Bustamante, Jorge Forero, Paola Pérez y Titus Kreyenberg

Cinematography: Bárbara Álvarez

Art director: Rodrigo Bazaes

Sound Design: Carlo Sánchez, Robert Espinoza and Jean-Guy Veran

Costume Design:  Francisca Román.

Editing: Andrea Chignoli

Cast: Nicolás Durán and Alejando Goic