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William Vega


Alicia is in distress. Escaping the armed violence in which She lost his loved ones, she arrives at La Sirga (Towrope), Óscar’s hostel, the only family she has left. In La Sirga on the banks of a large lagoon she will try to rebuild her life. But this place where she feels safe will not be spared from conflict. The return of Freddy, the son that Oscar waited years for, his enigmatic intentions and his possible link with one of the actors of the war, bring to La Sirga what Alicia most fears.

Ficha técnica

Directed by William Vega

Produced by Diana Bustamante and Oscar Ruiz Navia

Line producers: Gerylee Polanco Uribe and Paola Pérez Nieto

Format: 35mm

Length: 92 minutos

World Premiere: Directors Fortnight Cannes Film Festival (2012)


A Production between Burning Blue (COL),  Contravia Films (COL), Cine Sud Promotion (FRA), Film Tank (MEX) and Puntoguion punto (MEX). In association qith RCN Cine and ENNOVA, Laboratorios Black Velvet and Movie City.