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Enrica Pérez


Three women of different ages and backgrounds live in the three regions of Peru. Eva is a young girl who awakens to her uncomfortable sexuality in the midst of a forbidden relationship with her uncle, surrounded by the humid, tropical and lively climate of the Amazon rainforest. Victoria is a Lima-high societe woman who although seems to have everything, she keeps a terrible secret that makes her life really cold, gray and melancholic like the city in which she lives. Zoraida is an old woman of modest condition who, living in a remote and desolate community of the Andes, opens the doors to a son who she believed was lost and returns to her after a long absence.


Three unconnected regions, three self-absorbed women, three stories of discovery conditioned by the different geographies, societies and environments of the same fragmented country.

Ficha técnica

Length: 90 minutos

Format: HD

Written and Directed : Enrica Pérez

Produced by: Enid Campos

Coproduced by: Diana Bustamante y Jorge Forero

Editing: Sebastián Hernández

Cinematography: Arauco Hernández

Director‘s Assistant: Matías Vega

Production Designer: Eduardo Camino

Cast: Claudia Ruiz de Castillo, Florera de Ferrari y Maria Unocc