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Oscar Ruiz Navia


We’ll never be silent again


Every night after work, RAS paints graffiti on different walls of his neighborhood in the east of Cali. During the day he is a construction worker and the son of MARIA, a sweet mulatto who emigrated to the city from the Pacific jungle. RAS has not slept again and is beginning to daydream. MARIA suffers because she thinks someone has bewitched her and the boy will end up in madness. One day RAS lost his job for stealing several jars of paint with which he was making a large mural in the lot next to his house. Without money to help his mother, he crosses the city in search of CALVIN, another young graffiti artist and fine arts student who’s going through some difficult times after his parents‘ divorce and his grandmother’s cancer.

The boys will wander aimlessly through the city, like if they want to get lost and not being found. Along the way, like two fungi, they will pollute their environment of immense freedom.

Ficha técnica

Format:  35 mm

Length:  95 minutes

Directed by Óscar Ruíz Navia

Written by  Óscar Ruíz Navia and César Augusto Acevedo

Produced by Diana Bustamante Escobar, Gerylee Polanco Uribe and Óscar Ruíz Navia.

Associated Producers Gladys Cecilia Navia, William Vega, Paola Pérez Nieto, Jorge Forero and Diego Lerman.

Co-producers: Guillaume De Seille, Nicolás Avruj and Titus Kreyenberg.

Line Producer Paola Pérez Nieto

Cinematography: Sofía Oggioni Hatty

Production Designer:  Daniela Schneider and Alejandro Franco

Sound Design: Leonardo De Loredo, César Salazar, Fréderic Thery and Isabel Torres.

Editing: Felipe Guerrero

Costume Design: Ana María Acosta

Assistant Director: Julián Laguna, Ingris Pérez and César Acevedo.

Guest Director: William Vega

Still photographer: Carolina Navas.