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Oscar Ruiz Navia


The main cast of this short film met the director in a casting that he performed at their school. They told him there, each on their own, the story of the break-up of their love relationship. The director proposed them to build a reunion for fictional purposes and for real life.

Ficha técnica


Length: 20 minutes

Format: HD

Written and Directed by: Óscar Ruiz Navia

Produced by: Tine Fischer, Diana Bustamante, Guillaume de Seille, and Gerylee Polanco

Editing: Rodrigo Ramos

Cinematoraphy: Óscar Ruíz Navia

Assitant Director: Ingrid Pérez and María Alexandra Marín

Line Producers: Ingrid Pérez and María Alexandra Marín

Sound Capture: Camilo Torres

Sound Design and Mixing: Frederic Thery

Cast: Camila Llanos Correa and Maicol stiven Quiñones González.