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Cesar Augusto Acevedo


Alfonso is an old farmer who returns to the home he left 17 years ago, because his only son has a serious illness. Upon arriving he discovers that everything he once knew no longer exists, as the monopoly of sugar cane companies destroyed all the farms in the region. The only thing that still remains almost as intact as it was kept in his memory, is his old home: the humble white house and the small bench that is in the shadow of the old and imposing Samán. But although this makes him susceptible to his memories, ALFONSO must face the fact that he returns as a stranger, because his family stopped waiting for him, a long time ago.


His arrival will end up arousing old passions and hatreds in the heart of ALICIA, his ex-wife, who has always refused to leave the property despite the fact that an invisible threat runs through those imposing mazes of cane, filling everything with signs of destruction and death. ALFONSO, realizing that his whole family is at great risk, will try to approach them before it is too late and will do everything possible to try to save them, even if that means erasing all traces of their existence.


The history, memory and identity of all will be on the verge of disappearing under a paradoxical idea of progress and only a great sacrifice will give them the opportunity to reconcile and start a new life far from that place where all hopes seem to have been lost.


Ficha técnica

Directed by César Augusto Acevedo


Producers: Diana Bustamante, Paola Andrea Pérez Nieto, Jorge Forero


Cinematography  Mateo Guzmán Sánchez


Production Design Marcela Gómez Montoya


Sound Capture Felipe Rayo


Sound Design Roberto Espinoza


Sound Mixing  Jean Guy Verán


Editing  Micuel Schverdfinger