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Diego Lerman


The film tells the story of Matías and Laura, his mother, when they are forced to leave unexpectedly the house where they live after a new violent reaction from Fabián (the father). Matías is 7 years old and Laura is recently pregnant. They unexpectedly begin, a wandering in search of a place where they can feel safe and protected.

A single road movie, a drama with humor and lots of emotions.

Ficha técnica

Directed by Diego Lerman

Written by Diego Lerman and María Meira

Producers: Nicolás Avruj and Diego Lerman

Co-producers: Dominique Barneaud, Diana Bustamante, Jorge Forero, Malgorzata Staron, Ignacio Rey, Gastón Rotschild, Victoria Galardi and Cindy Teperman

Executive Producer Nicolás Avruj

Cinematography: Wojtek Staron

Production Designer: Micaela Saiegh and Sabrina Campos

Sound Design: Leonardo de Lored

Costume Design: Sandra Fink

Editing:  Alejandro Brodersohn

Casting and Acting coach:  María Laura Berch

Assistant Director: Federico Dáuria

Production Manager: Fernando Roca



Laura (The mother): Julieta Díaz

Matías (The boy): Sebastián Molinaro

Antonia: Marta Lubos

Ana: Valetina García Guerrero

Francisco: Carlos Weber

Nelly: Sandra Villani

Belén: Sofía Palomino